Thursday, October 27, 2011

Valley Girls and Giants

Last night I went to visit a good friend of mine(Vanessa). We had some great discussions about how to stimulate certain parts of your brain... Like this for instance:

I am definitely going to do this one day. Vanessa found one in our area and had her first "floating"experience recently.

Then we discussed this restaurant Seriously, who wouldn't want to try this place out? Well I am sure many people wouldn't find this great but as for gives me chills to think about how amazing this experience would be. Mental note for a possible birthday gift next year!!

So our senses were a bit heightened and then this happened

I have never in my life experienced an earthquake and had this one been any longer or stronger it would not have been so effin' cool!! Thankfully no one was hurt even where the epicenter was. It scaled at a 4.7, so we most likely felt it around a 2.something.

Vanessa lives in an old victorian so her house was definitely rumbling and creaking. It lasted at least 5 minutes a few seconds. Once it was over we looked at each other and I whispered "Was that an earthquake?" She, who is the calmest person ever said (again in a whisper,because apparently earthquakes have ears) "I think it was, and it's going to be OK" because I am sure I had a look of terror on my face.

The hilarious part was that during the few seconds of the quake both of us came up with our own interpretation of what was going on and they were both very similar stories. My interpretation was that there was a very large man who had been hiding in her bedroom with plans to attack us and at that very moment he was running through her house coming after us. Her interpretation was that there was again a very large man who was running up her back porch (she has a basement, one of my biggest phobias by the way) into the house. She even went as far to wonder IF this GIANT man can fit through her house windows.

Once I got home I woke my husband up and couldn't quit talking about it. He then empathized with me by sharing his experience here:

YES! I completely forgot he was at the 1989 World Series Baseball game. He was only 10. He shared of his fear in the anticipation of the many aftershocks (he grew up in San Jose). He also told me about how his house was completely ransacked. Then he asked "You've never experienced an earthquake before?"
"I said "no". He then replied teasingly "Oh, that's right...your a valley girl!" my response "Oh...whatever! I'm gonna go watch T.V.... you show off!" Jokingly of course.

While this doesn't compare to the massive quakes it was still quite the experience. One I definitely do NOT want to experience again and my heart and prayers goes out to those families that have been affected by natural disasters. I used this as a learning experience and had a great conversation with my daughter and I am now thinking that I really should be more prepared in case The Big One were to hit our area.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Did you know what it was while it was happening? Any stories you'd like to share? I'm all ears :))

XO Your Valley Girl,

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